Make grey tv stand

Jul 29th

grey tv stand – Constructing a flat display screen TV stand is a mission you may obtain with confidence. Measure the depth and width of the TV to find out the scale of the stand. Remember to embody any element you propose to retailer on the stand as effectively. The following side to think about is the media materials. The profile of a flat display screen TV is skinny sufficient to make use of lumber 2 by 12 inches of foot giving the looks of a measurement. After which, put the 2 60-inch items of wooden on their 11 1/2-inch sides (high and backside) on a piece desk. The place of them in order that the lengthy sides are touching and the ends are nonetheless. Then measure from the opposite finish and make marks in 12 and 13 1/2 inches.

Place the sq. within the marks and draw strains via the grey tv stand materials. Then, drill three pilot holes between the strains with a 1/16 inch drill bit. Drill one about 1 inch from the perimeters and one within the heart. Flip the 2 items greater than the strains are going through down. Drill the countersunk holes within the high of the pilot holes. Make them about 3/8-inch deep. Apply glue to 1/2 inch edges of 18 inch wooden. Help the highest and backside items at their lengthy edges in order that the strains face one another. Align the ends of the spacers within the strains. Safe the spacers to the highest and backside with the drywall screws. Wipe off extra glue instantly with a humid material.

Place the TV stands greater than the openings are going through up. Apply a bead of glue on the perimeters of the three spacers and the highest and backside between the dividers. Safe the 36 by 21 by 1/four inch plywood to the bracket with the field studs. Clear the glue as earlier than. Set the plywood 17 inches on the work desk with the facet 11 inches up. Measure from one 11-inch finish of the face (it turns into the underside) and make marks in, 11 and 12 1/2 inches. Then, place the sq. within the marks and draw strains via the fabric.

Apply glue to the 1/2 inch fringe of the 11 inch ends of 14 inch plywood grey tv stand. Help the edges at their lengthy edges and safe the cabinets on the high, backside and between the strains with the ending nails. Clear the glue as earlier than. Glue brush on the perimeters 3/four inch ends Three inches wooden 14 5/Eight inches with a small brush. Insert the stabilizer between the edges and the underside of the highest shelf. Repair it with the ending nails. Slide the inserts into the TV bracket to the left and proper of the center spacer.