Ideas Set up oval shower curtain rod

Aug 28th

Customized bathe tanks and bathe pans want an oval shower curtain rod that’s curved across the edge moderately than the same old straight curtain rod. This sort of bar wants further help to keep up the stress of the curve, however the set up course of is nearly the identical as a straight bar. The additional oval area space will make your bathe area space wherever from eight to 12 inches vast. Putting in an oval shower curtain rod is accomplished in the identical approach you’d cling a straight curtain rod. The one distinction is the situation of the bar. You solely want a couple of fundamental instruments to put in an oval bar.

Mark the peak the place you need the oval shower curtain rod metal on each side of the wall. The rod must be excessive sufficient to forestall the curtain from dragging the ground. Mark the depth of the bathe curtain rod. It must be a minimal of 5 inches from the outer fringe of the bathtub. An oval curtain must be place past the wall in order that the bathe curtain doesn’t cling too removed from the sting of the bathtub. Measure 60 inches from the highest of the bathtub or 72 inches from the highest of the bathe pan and mark on the wall. Take one other measurement from that prime mark and transfer it in three inches and mark this because the set up level for the mounting bracket.

Take the meeting aside in order that they will maintain solely the wall plate towards the wall and mark the holes for the place of the screws utilizing a pencil to mark the wall. Use the extent concepts oval shower curtain rod to verify the screws are upright. Place the wall plate apart. Drill holes for utilizing the wall you’re working with, a plug anchor for tile partitions or anchor for a drywall decorator. Faucet or anchors into place the screw with a hammer. Maintain the wall of the plate over the anchors and screw it into place, guiding the screws within the anchors till they really feel tight. Measure the space from the middle of every wall plate to one another.

Loosen the set the rotary connectors with an Allen wrench the screw and connect to the rod. Place the oval shower curtain rod kind on the ground. Take the measurement from the middle of the straight rotary connectors by one to the opposite for linear measurement. Evaluate this with the wall measurement and subtract the distinction to understand how a lot it’s important to shorten the pole. Take away the rotating connector from one finish of the oval bar and lower the surplus with a steel noticed. Easy tough edges with a flat file.